As with any great vision statement, there is a great deal to unpack here. So we will dissect this vision by starting backwards...

Although there have been key individuals in history: DaVinci, Edison, Bell, Carver, Gates, those well recognized for their inventive skills, we believe anyone can develop visionary ideas and inspirations capable of adding their names to such a list. The names of many inventors remain relatively unrecognized, and yet their inspirations have become societal staples, such as Tim Berners-Lee, the developer of the WWW/Internet Protocol (HTTP), Scott Olson, the inventor of RollerBlades, and James Russell, the pioneer behind the compact disc. The term "inspiration" means, "Spirit breathed." Inspirations can be breathed into the hearts and minds of anyone: be they a young college student, a stay-at-home mom, a blue-collar construction worker, or a professor with a PhD in Physics (we have one of those). Our role is to help foster both the wonder of the inspiration and the skill sets of the inventor.

Inspired Inventions are most often birthed out of the gap between necessity and convenience. An inventor, in many ways, seeks to find and solve individual and societal needs and concerns, not merely to make products for the purpose of personal profit. At Aslan Guild, we consider it a great privilege to help others solve many of the needs a society may feel, yet have remained undiscovered and unarticulated. The Aslan Guild receives submissions from inventors of tangible and intangible items, offering expert product development, production & distribution management, legal protection, and technical, marketing, and business support.

However, our ethic is not to encourage every idea, nor solicit personal money to help "develop" every inventor's concept. While each individual has the capacity to produce powerful inspirations, it does not mean every idea is worth developing. Perhaps its not the right time in history for a particular invention, maybe the marketplace is too constricting and what if the cost of implementation is too high for the potential ROI (return on investment)? These and countless other factors are considered before the Aslan Guild implements a business relationship with any potential client. We believe it is just as critical to protect your name and reputation, as it is to protect ours. [top]

At the Aslan Guild, our clients come from a broad range of demographics, with innumerable interests. Our goal is to ensure the revenue generated from the ideas of our clients goes to furthering those interests, and that money is not merely the end result in itself. Corporately, the Aslan Guild was started to fund some very key and specialized interests. Though like-mindedness in interest is not a criterion to a business relationship with Aslan, we encourage our clients to shift their focus away from the almighty dollar and toward important issues of charity, community involvement, the building of the family and the leaving of a legacy for others. [top]

Tragically, the wonder and power of this "inspirational" inventive marketplace has been met head-on with many unscrupulous business consultants, ready to capitalize on the lack of knowledge and financial resource of those with legitimate and fantastic inspirations.   The Aslan Guild seeks to establish a new model.   We do recognize, however, the difficult task ahead in order to regain legitimacy and ethics in this industry. The Aslan Guild is a multi-national, multi-income stream organization serving as a resource not only for inventors to bring products and services to the global market but also as an avid protector of the rights and privileges of those inventors.   Many invention incubators generate their income through misinformation and the lack of education of their customer base, rather than focusing on the inventor, the invention and the inventive process.   Aslan Guild does not generate revenue through "inventor kits," formulaic prepackaged content developed to "entice" inventors into investing even greater personal sums.   Instead, the Aslan Guild dialogs with their potential clients to ensure that the relationtal fit will be profitable for both parties.   Throughout the progression of bringing a product to market, the Aslan Guild ensures their clients are well integrated into the decision making process. [top]

We live in a global economy, and the Aslan Guild recognizes our responsibility to ensure our clients' inspirations are presented to the broadest and most effective audience.   The Aslan Guild does not merely focus on the present, but is always looking to the future.   Often, the Guild will take their client's revolutionary idea and further expand both its capabilities and reach.   We recognize our global responsibility is not merely to our clients, but all those served by our clients' products and solutions.   Our goal is to improve the overall marketplace through every inspiration launched through the Aslan Guild. [top]

Our clients cannot be contained in any box.   Their ideas range from inventions, to services to systems of improvement.   At the Aslan Guild, we want our clients' to be able to flow fully in all of their giftings and talents. We have developed a system of client operation we believe garners the most freedom for our clients, while ensuring their rights and ideas are both protected and promoted to the very best of our ability.

But we also believe that any product, any solution, is only as strong as the ideals that champion it.   And at Aslan, we have very high ideals. Most commerce in capitalist societies is inherently created to benefit the upper strata: owner(s), upper management, shareholders.   While this framework is perfectly acceptable by conventional wisdom, by redesigning the very core of the systems this commerce operates on, we can direct more of the money into more hands of need. This redirected commerce, in the hands of those that will faithfully donate, represents a potentially enormous amount of new money being used for worthy endeavors, both ministerial and humanitarian.   Each new participant in Aslan Guild will be shown how to implement the same system (which is Christ-centered) on a smaller level, impacting and absorbing even deeper into societies and inevitably reaching the primary target, families. [top]